The First Dance….


IMG_0143I love dancing, always have, always will, I think it has something to do with my amazing parents, when we used to go to my Dads organised golf do’s, there would be a space forming on the dance floor and yes, there they were Dave and Mags, having a Jive, my Dads little leg kicks and Mum spinning in time to the music. The crowd of fellow golfers going crazy, absolutely fantastic to watch them.

So, when I was old enough ish to go clubbing, well I jumped at the chance, I learned all the dance moves and most of my Saturday nights I could be found on the stage with the ‘cool’ kids, those kids who just looked cool, then there was me, sweating like a pig, arms and legs everywhere, but in my head I was actually in a Madonna video, voguing perfectly, in fact in my vivid imagination i was auditioning for stars in their eyes…. tonight Matthew I’m going to beeeeeee….. Madonna!!!!!!

So, moving on a few years I have a first date with a dude from Farnham, wherever that is??? One of my first questions ‘so, do you like to dance???’ Eagerly waiting his response… ‘Graham doesn’t dance’….. great, this really is a deal breaker, but he is kinda cute, perhaps I can persuade him, well fast forward six and a bit years and I finally get our first dance, at our Wedding reception, even now when I hear The Commodores, three times a lady, I think to myself, sometimes a first dance is worth waiting for……..