What makes flowers in a jar different….

For me, as head designer, it has always been about the detailing, whether it is creating a floral garland for their beloved doggie (the ring bearer) or filling a venue with the most gorgeous flowers and foliage, every single element is lovingly put together from start to finish.

We personally select all the flowers and foliage from our suppliers at Covent Garden Flower Market, being able to choose the most perfect seasonal flower at 4 0/clock in the morning is absolutely fantastic, the fragrance and atmosphere at the market is mesmerising and the knowledge from our suppliers is incredible.

My background is visual merchandising, back in the day, I was a window dresser for John Lewis on Oxford Street, I loved the creativity of this role, the freedom to express myself and the knowledge that my creations were drawing customers into the store, so when I choose to study floristry, the similarities in both fields fuelled my creativity even further. I feel very privileged indeed to have the luxury of enjoying all of my career paths, for me, this is a vocation, to be able to bring such joy when delivering the bridal bouquet, to be able to help and advise all our lovely couples to have the Wedding day that they have dreamed of and for our little business to be ethical and sustainable.

The one element that has always been my reason to work hard, to be creative and to project love in my work, is my son Jamie Anthony Redmond, he has given me the courage and strength to build our business, he is my JAR in Flowers in a JAR……

Katherine Connor