Reasons for Choosing a Winter Wedding.


I have met recently with a number of Brides planning their weddings for November and December. Their reasons for choosing a winter wedding are varied.

Many Brides I meet choose to get married in the winter as they have a connection with this season. Maybe a special birthday or simply a love for the time of year.

A great reason to choose a date in December for your wedding is you can relax about the weather! What will be will be. We know that in the UK we cannot guarantee a perfect day in the Summer, and yet, many brides still pin all their hopes on having a sunny day. With a winter wedding, you no longer have to worry about it.

Savings can be made when deciding on a winter date, as many venues and suppliers are quieter in the off season. A bride I spoke to recently told me they decided to get married in November, as it was a cheaper time of year for their family and friends to book hotel rooms.

Also, your wedding will be the highlight of the season for many of your guests, As the winter months draw in a wedding is a great occasion to look forward to.

And finally, the romance! What can be more romantic then a room decorated with candles and an open fire.

Choosing a winter celebration does mean that the choice of flowers available are slightly limited. However, do not let that stop you, as creating the perfect winter wedding bouquet can still be done.